ID: 27504

Zwilling - vacuum maker "Fresh & Save Set" incl. accessories and app

  • The relaxed way to enjoy freshness. You won't want to give this starter set away, because the two large, beautifully designed vacuum boxes made of glass, the four reusable vacuum bags and the handy, automatic vacuum pump - without any annoying cable - change the game in the modern kitchen.
  • Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional storage without vacuum! The effect: you have the greatest possible freedom! Do a big week's shopping and (deep-)cool fresh fruit, vegetables, meat or fish in the Fresh & Save vacuum boxes and bags, and benefit from the advantages of having your own fresh food counter at home. Prepare dishes days in advance and enjoy freshness just like on cooking day. Cook meat sous-vide or marinate grilled meat in just 30 minutes in the vacuum pouches and boxes. And this is how it works: dock the vacuum pump onto the valve and vacuum in seconds at the touch of a button. The highlight: it stops automatically as soon as sufficient vacuum has been created. Flavour, aromas and vitamins are reliably preserved. With the Zwilling Culinary World app, you always keep an eye on supplies: simply scan the QR on the vacuum boxes and bags and be reminded as soon as meals or food should be enjoyed.
  • Space-saving, stackable storage of food and meals in the fridge and freezer, glass boxes can be stored inside each other in the kitchen cupboard when not in use
  • Shapely glass containers for serving at the table
  • Safe freezing of food and ready meals (vacuum reduces freezer burn)
  • Glass containers ovenproof (without lid up to 180 °C), microwave- and dishwasher-safe
  • Reusable vacuum bags: freezer-safe, heat-resistant (perfect for sous-vide cooking), microwave-safe
  • Materials: BPA-free, glass box made of borosilicate glass (mould), plastic (lid), silicone (valve, seal), vacuum bags: plastic (bag, zip closure), silicone (valve)
  • Vacuum lid with innovative, double-sealing technology and vacuum indicator function: when the inner lid is lowered, the box is under vacuum
  • Set consisting of vacuum pump, 2 glass boxes and 2 vacuum bags each S and M (capacity of boxes (without lid) / max. filling quantity: M box 0.9 l / 0.75 l; L box 2 l / 1.6 l vacuum bag S approx. 1.25 l / M approx. 4 l)